What Feels More Secure – Consulting or Traditional Careers?

As we consider the recent, massive transitions in the traditional workforce resulting from the pandemic and lingering Great Resignation, we wonder what feels most secure to workers? As people are pursuing independent work now more than ever, it’s not surprising that 2/3 of the independents surveyed felt that their work was less risky. In fact, the percentage of independents feeling more secure in their line of work than in traditional, permanent roles has continued to rise over the last ten years.

What we are hearing from you…

  • “I appreciate that consulting is more mainstream now than ever before.”
  • “Consulting has afforded me the opportunity to expand my network and industry exposure in ways I never would have imagined.”
  • “More and more of my network are choosing to work independently and they are loving it.”
  • “Choosing to work as a consultant has become more sustainable for my family and more satisfying as I can now focus on my specific skill set.”

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