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Veteran controller & treasury director picked consulting for the variety and challenge.

Doina has spent most of her award-winning career in the medical device industry. She’s reached the apex of her field with roles as Central Operations Controller and Director of Treasury. Some people might question why she stepped away from in-house positions to choose life as an independent consultant.

Consulting offers options.

Doina chose consulting to get more variety in her work. And because Doina thrives in high-pressure environments, she enjoys challenging positions. “Most of the time, consultants are called in when there is a critical situation. Maybe it’s a huge project with a tight deadline, or there’s a crisis of another kind. I’m really good in those situations.”

Her secret to success.

Doina approaches every challenge with positivity. “I have the ability to inspire and motivate people. I Love helping people. You can’t help with complaining and negativity. People will always work harder and smarter when they are feeling supported and confident.”

A perfect pair.

At Scouts Talent, it’s Susan who is working hard to support Doina with contract positions that match her skills, personality, and challenge criteria. “She’s an amazing help,” says Doina. “She’s very easy to talk to, understanding, and supportive—like one professional to another.” And Doina knows that Scouts Talent’s success depends on accurately connecting elite talent with the right client. “Scouts hire the best.”

Considering her future, Doina is happy to stay consulting for as long as possible. “For me, consulting is the perfect mixture of variety, challenge, and fun.”

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