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Scouts brings CFO, Sara, depth of talent.

Sara is a veteran CFO of a national communications company, mainly serving retail customers with traditional marketing. In early 2020, Sara had a serious cash-flow problem with 70-day collection on receivables.

We needed a new perspective.

“We made addressing this issue a corporate priority, bringing together finance, sales, and operations leadership to solve the problem. However, everyone was distracted by other issues, so our early efforts were clumsy and not effective. We needed someone to focus all of their attention on this issue.” Scouts Talent’s responsiveness is rooted in relationships. “I immediately reached out to Gwen at Scouts Talent. She already knew our company culture well. She had spent the time to know us, she stays in contact regularly, and is always extremely responsive. Gwen shocked me with the depth of talent immediately available to tackle our needs. We had a complex situation. We needed someone with a unique mixture of skills beyond financial acumen.”

We saw expertise in action.

“Carol hit the ground running. Because she had similar cash flow experience, she stepped into the role with competence and confidence, delicately navigating our political minefields yet being firm when necessary. She immediately streamlined our process, and we saw progress very quickly. Sadly, the pandemic forced us to cut short our contract with Carol, but her process, metrics, and momentum were in place for us to pick up where she left off. She accomplished so much, and we are continuing to see progress. She literally saved our company.”

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