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Scouts plays the long game.

Tom’s relationship with Scouts Talent started a few years ago when he began his role as a CFO in a large regional healthcare organization. Tom was building an internal data warehouse and business intelligence environment, and needed the right people to support its development. “The people I was talking with at the time just weren’t hitting the mark in terms of what I needed. I happened to have a scheduled introduction lunch with Gwen at the time. Both Gwen and Mark have a unique ability to ask the right questions and really listen to my needs. During the lunch Gwen asked me about some of my pain points and after describing what I was looking for she said she thought she might have a candidate. Fifteen minutes after our meeting she gave me a call with a candidate that was a perfect fit and started a week later.”

Honesty is the best policy.

That trusted relationship has continued to grow over the years, and Scouts Talent has been very successful filling various positions within Tom’s organization. Scouts also declined to fill a few roles along the way. “I did have openings in accounts receivable and they were quick to tell me that wasn’t in their wheelhouse. I respect Scout’s honesty and their ability to stand by what they are, and what they are not. They are focused on building long term relationships, not chasing the dollar.”

From client to consultant.

Just recently, Tom transitioned out of his CFO role after a successful run. Scouts Talent was quick to reach out to help him write the next chapter in his career. “Gwen has introduced me to her network and it’s been humbling. Scouts holds themselves to very high standards. I love how nimble, flexible, and responsive they are. Recently, I found myself looking at LinkedIn late in the evening and shot Gwen an email about an open position. She responded immediately. The way they both have come along side me makes Scouts feel more like a partner than just a vendor.”

Want a trusted partner? I'd love to talk.

Gwen Martin



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