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Scouts’ personal touch helps Sherie succeed at finance consulting.

After 30+ years of experience in finance and accounting, Sherie credits an early role for sending her career on a unique and valuable trajectory. At a particle research lab, she found herself working alongside astrophysicists, “This isn’t a job for them, it’s their life’s work!” Their passion was contagious and it made Sherie’s work exciting. In addition, her path led her to a variety of situations where she gained valuable experience in government funding, contracts, legal, compliance, M&A, escrow, supply chain, operations, and even marketing. All of this exposure was equipping her to be a cross-functional leader, enabling her to manage the big picture of an organization.

Making a move.

After many transformational years in the science and energy sector, Sherie moved back to Minnesota and was introduced to contracting as a finance consultant. She admits the idea of losing that sense of security a full-time position gives you, was a scary thought. But, always ready for an adventure, Sherie said, “Let’s give it a try!”

Sherie admits having doubts about being a good fit for contract work. “I’m not a job hopper. I don’t want to be constantly interviewing.” She notes that she isn’t interested in short contracts and revolving doors. She appreciates long-term relationships and building trust.

A higher level of care.

Throughout the process, she was, and is, delighted by the personal touch she gets from Susan at Scouts. “I can really be myself around Susan. Unlike other placement firms, I’m not a quota to them. I see Scouts as my partners.” To prove the point, Sherie cites a moment when Gwen went back to the client and asked them to meet her compensation goals. “Scouts will go to bat for you.”

A new life.

Today, she’s settling into a new life as a consultant. She enjoys using her well-rounded skills to solve big problems. “It’s exciting! I’m doing what I love to do. I’m transforming businesses. And even though it feels odd, I love working a 40 hour week!” And her 3-month contract keeps getting extended so Sherie won’t be hopping jobs anytime soon.

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