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Scouts helped stay-at-home mom come back to the workforce.

Accounting is in Amy’s family blood. With a husband who’s a controller, a father-in-law who’s come out of retirement to work as a finance contractor, and a father who also has an accounting degree, Amy knew at a young age she would also be an accountant. After graduating from Minnesota State University-Moorhead, she took a public accounting role in Bloomington, Minnesota. After a few years, Amy was able to jump to private accounting and really enjoyed that role for another five. It was at this time Amy and her husband started a family, and Amy again threw herself into her new role. With 2 babies in two years, Amy was very busy at home—and loved it.

Scouts Talent builds long-term relationships.

Once the two children reached elementary school age, Amy found herself with more time on her hands and started to miss work. Mark Flaherty from Scouts Talent had kept in touch with Amy on her six-year maternity leave. Wanting to know her options, she took a meeting with Mark in January of 2020. “Yes! I’m ready to get back to work.” A month later, COVID spread across America and children everywhere were now learning from home. “I called Susan Haugen to say, ‘let’s put a pin in finding an assignment for me.’” For almost two more years, Amy was again busy at home.

In September of 2021, Amy felt comfortable to try again. But she was nervous. “I had kept my Excel skills up to date doing our own finances, but the new role was pretty serious—due diligence for a merger. But Susan was there for me 100 percent. She made me feel comfortable and confident. She checked in on me—and it went smoothly. The ten-week assignment was perfect for me to get my feet wet again,” says Amy.

Fractional consulting fit’s Amy’s lifestyle.

Now, three contract assignments later, Amy loves how fractional work fits her lifestyle. “I get to pick and choose roles that fit my schedule. Susan knows I want to be home with the kids in the summer and less hours per week so I can be there for them once they get off the bus. Susan really listens. And she’s placed me at some wonderful assignments.”

Looking forward, Amy has considered full-time roles. “Two of the three past assignments offered me a job. I gave it some thought, but right now, I’m just having a great time with Scouts and consulting.”

Ready for a role that fits your lifestyle? We can help.

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