Kelly  |  Consultant

Now it’s golf in the morning, and work in the afternoon for this fractional accountant.

Kelly entered the accounting and finance field later in life. She has spent much of her career in large firms as a CPA and accountant. She has enjoyed the experiences, met a lot of great people, gained a lot of valuable expertise, and international exposure.

PT was OK.

Yet in 2020, Kelly was ready for part time employment—with a company not publicly traded. She already knew Mark and Susan professionally, so she reached out for help finding the perfect next step. Kelly has really enjoyed the flexibility and control consulting gives her.

Roles right for you.

“Scouts really strives to make the right fit for you and the client. They listen. They care. I don’t feel like a number. And I really appreciate that I can tell them ‘no’—and it’s not a big deal! They are supportive of both my ‘yes’ and my ‘no’.”

Flexibility is king.

Kelly loves how COVID and technology have really changed how accountants work. If it isn’t a hybrid model, it’s a fully remote model. “Right now, everyone is remote. I have a CEO in Nevada, partners in Montana, Tennessee, Kansas, and I’m in Minnesota. As long as I have my laptop and internet access, I can get my job done.”

For Kelly, she’s happy working part time with a lot of flexibility. “I like traveling to visit family, and I can work on the side. Hey, I was golfing this morning!”

Want a more flexible work structure? I can help.

Lauren Unterseher

Business Relationship Manager


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