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It takes a unique firm to market the unique talents of this finance expert.

Bill’s “brilliant idea” of adding a law degree to his Accounting and Finance education, didn’t quite go as initially planned. Bill knew a JD degree would allow him access to roles that his CPA degree couldn’t offer. Yet, as he passed his bar, the firm he was clerking for imploded. Suddenly, he was left without a job with no satisfactory options for another legal position—at the same time his second child was born. “My wife said I was done having fun going to school, and I needed to find a job.”

A non-traditional career path.

Bill eventually found work as a commercial loan officer. That stepping stone led to an opportunity as Controller/CFO for a tech startup that was going public through a reverse merger. “I had to learn a lot in a very volatile environment. I got a lot of scars on my back.”

Bill’s education and this challenging experience gave him unique skills. But because Bill didn’t fit a typical mold, some placement firms didn’t know how to market him. Not so with Scouts Talent. “They appreciated my unique skill set and took on the challenge. My first contract role was filling a SEC manager’s role in a $1B tech company—that’s not a role you can throw anybody into! Scouts is far and away better than any other placement firm that I’ve worked with.”

A good role fit begins with good communication.

“Nick and Susan from Scouts spent the time getting to know me. And because of that, I’ve never been dissatisfied with any of their placements. With other firms, there’s a lot of ‘turn and burn’. They don’t care if the work is meaningful for the consultant, they just need to bill out. You’re kind of a number to them.”

Consulting offers flexibility.

In recent years, COVID and family issues again created a challenge for Bill. “Priorities change as you get older. My sister passed away, my Mom had two strokes and we needed to transition her into assisted living—so the flexibility of contracting fit perfectly for me personally.” Bill came off the SEC contract role and was able to take a couple months off to help fix up his sister’s house. “Thank God I had Scouts to help navigate the changes.”

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