Richard  |  Consultant

Fractional accounting & finance consulting helps Richard stay active in semi-retirement.

Like many of his peers, Richard started his career with a good education: a Business Administration undergraduate degree followed by a Master of Science Finance degree. He enjoyed years of success in the aerospace, banking, healthcare, and insurance industries. Yet, when faced with the decision to work 60-90 hours a week for significant compensation, Richard chose consulting as a way to control his work/life balance and be present to help raise a family.

Retirement looks different for everyone.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and now Richard is a few years into retirement. He felt the need to make another choice to live a balanced life—but this time, he chose to add work hours!

“Even though I’m very active, I got bored. I met Mark from Scouts years ago so I reached out to him to revisit consulting part-time. He really gets to know you, listens to you. He placed me in a 20-hour-a-week role and I love it. Now I get all the benefits of work—socializing, staying mentally sharp, and receiving additional income—while still finding time to enjoy retirement. My wife thinks it’s great and I can do it all on my own schedule.”

The perception of consultants has changed over the years.

Richard goes on to comment that consulting work doesn’t have the stigma it had when he first started mid-career. “Some people thought contract workers couldn’t make it in a ‘real’ job. Today, it’s respected. As a consultant, I get to meet new people. I’m always learning something new with each new job and I get to add value by sharing with others the experience I have.”

Right for Richard.

You’ll still see Richard walking the dog, doing yard work, hiking with his daughter, and visiting his son’s family out of state—he just now has a side gig that challenges him in a different way. For Richard, part-time accounting and finance consulting gives him the balance he desired for a fulfilling retirement.

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