Carole  |  Consultant

Contract accounting is a perfect fit for Carole who has a lot of experience to share.

Many people might not know that Carole, after graduating from college with a business degree, started her first job in sales and customer service—and hated it! Now what? She took some personality tests and they confirmed Carole is analytical with a gift for numbers. Thankfully, the company she was working for was accommodating and found her a new role in accounting. A perfect fit! This is how Carole began her long and successful career in accounting and finance.

Many years and roles later, a recruiter tracked down Carole and offered her a contract position as a consultant. “I wasn’t looking for contract work. But at this point in my career, I realized I had a lot of experience to offer. So I said, ‘Why not?’” Even though consulting wasn’t part of Carole’s plan, it turns out, she again found a perfect fit.

“I make things better.”

Carole quickly began to thrive as a consultant. “Basically, I just want to help. I come in, learn, enhance the process, and transition the role to a full-time person. I’m passionate about making the status quo more efficient.” Now several contract roles later, Carole enjoys it so much she can see herself finishing out her career as a consultant. “Sure, if I’m offered a full-time position that’s the right fit and culture, I might consider it. But, I enjoy using all of my experience to add value.”

Susan is the difference.

Carole is now working at a new contract that Susan at Scouts Talent brought to her. “Susan is awesome. I’ve worked with other placement firms but the interaction with Susan is what makes working with Scouts different. It all began by sitting down and having coffee together. She really cares about what’s important to me. She considers my needs, and she wants me to be successful and happy.”

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