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After a life-threatening illness, this finance executive chose Scouts to achieve balance.

Just like his father, Tim began his career in accounting as a CPA. He quickly found a strategy for his career growth that included new training while at a large company, testing it out at a smaller company, and then implementing the new skill with confidence at another large company—for big gains. With stints at Fortune 100 companies, Tim eventually made the leap from accounting to finance and achieved career highs as Chief Accounting Officer and then as VP of Finance and Treasury at a national logistics company. The latter role saw increased responsibilities in the finance sector as well as valuable treasury experience.

Tim’s success came at a high price, however. With a critical role in a global company, managing North American, Asian, and European markets was a 24-hour commitment—that often demanded priority over family and personal time.

Tragedy strikes.

In July of 2021, Tim found himself fighting a strep infection that spread throughout his body and nearly took his life. He spent two months in the hospital and nearly a full year at home recovering. Tim thanks his selfless family for his successful recovery. And even though caring for Tim was challenging for everyone, there was a silver lining in the storm. The brush with death and resulting time away from work helped give Tim the clarity to put his life in perspective.

A happy beginning.

Now, feeling better and coming back to his career in accounting and finance, Tim contacted long-time friend Susan at Scouts Talent. Supported by Scouts’ team, he knew that working as a contract consultant would allow him to pick the clients, roles, and hours he needed to achieve a work/life balance. “Susan is great. It’s like talking to a close friend. She’s extremely professional but working with her is so comfortable. She found me an extremely good fit and I’m finding a lot of progress just months into my contract.”

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