Julie  |  Consultant

Accountants feel valued working with Scouts.

Julie has 20+ years of experience in accounting, evenly split between full-time positions and consulting roles. Early in her career, she was working full-time at an accounting firm. The hours were long and the work wasn’t challenging or completely fulfilling. “It was a white-collar sweatshop,” says Julie. She often felt she was being treated like a number.

While working with a previous placement agency, Julie recalls an event that defines the value of a trusted relationship for her. “The headhunter would go with me on the interview and answer questions for me. They would blatantly lie about my experience right in front of me, just to close the deal and make the money. It was very uncomfortable.”

Since starting with Scouts in 2016, Julie has enjoyed how Mark Flaherty and the Scouts team have gotten to know her and been her advocate over the years. “I really love working with Scouts. They place me where it’s appropriate and they follow up to make sure it’s a good fit. In every contract, there is the potential for some conflict. Yet the team at Scouts always listens to me. I value that.”

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