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Aaron relies on Scouts to help him stay focused on the future.

“Manufacturing accounting is fun and challenging,” quips the Controller at Cretex Medical (a medical device engineering and manufacturing provider). “I love coming in as a fixer, helping to improve departments. I can see there’s a problem with the books, then I’m hands-on to figure out why. Recently, I spent time job shadowing at one of our out-of-state operations. We found the root causes and solved the issues we identified that were holding us back. After working with the team, we’ve improved accuracy and profitability.”

Scouts built a relationship with Aaron to find candidates that are a good fit.

Aaron’s unique style in finance is reflected in his management style. “I like to let people figure things out a bit. I’ll get them up to speed, but once they got it, I let them do what they do. I think it’s a lot more fun for people to make it their own. My goal is to help them be successful—it’s not about how I like it done. I need candidates that are okay with that level of autonomy.”

And that’s one reason Aaron likes working with Mark Flaherty at Scouts Talent. Mark took the time early in their relationship to get to know Aaron and his unique management style. “Later, when we needed a Senior Accountant, we discussed it for 30 minutes. Three or four days later we had someone ready to start. It’s been building blocks of one good experience after the next with Mark. Now, he’s usually my first call. He’s honest. He’s not going to send me just anyone if he doesn’t have a good fit,” says Aaron.

Aaron can focus on the big picture while Scouts takes care of the day-to-day.

With support from Scouts Talent, Aaron isn’t distracted by employee turnover. “I don’t want to discourage turnover if it’s for the right reasons. If someone is ready to move up, great! But we still have work to do. It’s easy to have that attitude when I know Scouts will have really good candidates to backfill that position. It can also be very difficult to think ahead 6 to 12 months because we can be so focused on executing today. I use Scouts to make sure we don’t miss a beat.”

Need more time to focus on the big picture? We'll take care of employee turnover.

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