Lynn Blake, CFO of Nuwellis, Inc.

Lynn Blake, CFO of Nuwellis, Inc.

Lynn Blake, CFO at Nuwellis, has built an impressive career that has spanned from start-ups to Fortune 500’s. She has led teams through IPO’s, acquisitions, and restructuring in a variety of industries including manufacturing, med device, marketing, and consulting. Lynn’s international leadership experience in Asia and Europe takes all of her experience to a different level of complexity Lynn seems to go from one success to the next by following her interests and has cultivated a stellar reputation along the way. Her track record has made Scouts Talent curious to learn more…

If you could try a different job for a day, what would you choose?

I would say President. After all, how could one resist the opportunity to be the first female President of the U.S.?

What advice would you give someone starting out in your industry?

Never underestimate the importance of building and maintaining your professional network. As you move from role to role and from one company to another, stay in touch with your former colleagues. The Twin Cities is a very insular professional community. Be very cognizant of your reputation and what you say about other business people and firms. Even if a career move doesn’t work out, exit professionally and gracefully, learn from the experience, and never burn bridges.

What is your mantra?

Every day’s a new day!

What companies or leaders do you admire?

Winston Churchill, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates/Microsoft, Sara Blakely, Brené Brown, Taylor Swift.

What has been the biggest shift you’ve noticed in your industry in the last decade?

The critical role of nursing in delivering patient care and advancing new therapies. Between the pressures of the pandemic, increased financial constraints in the healthcare system, and the shortage of skilled healthcare workers, nurses are more critical than ever, and as a group wield more influence than ever before. It is no longer the case that medical device companies are selling primarily to physicians; the buy-in and support of nursing professionals is equally if not more critical to adoption of new devices, diagnostics, and therapies.

How do you get yourself out of a slump?

I go for a long run or do a hard workout to get a good physical challenge and forget the mental challenges for a while!

Who has been most instrumental in your career?

First, my father, for modeling an unwavering work ethic and commitment to his customers and employees, and at the same time loving his job, not retiring until age 80! In more recent years, two of my former bosses, both CFOs, who believed in me and gave me innumerable opportunities to take on more responsibilities and leadership and develop CFO skills alongside them.

What is your go-to celebration meal, drink or tradition?

Drink: Popping open a good bottle of Champagne or Prosecco, adding a bit of St-Germain liqueur, and making a toast with friends.

Meal: Celebration dinners with family at Campiello in Eden Prairie.

Tradition: Escaping to the North Shore of Lake Superior to get away from it all.


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