Jason Seifert, CFO Jeremiah Program

Jason Seifert, CFO Jeremiah Program

Jason, CFO of Jeremiah Program, has intentionally aligned his career with mission-driven organizations where he can feel the impact of his work. He has always been drawn to roles where he has given back to the community and has held strategic positions to help eliminate both economic and educational barriers. In his past leadership post with the Minneapolis theater district, he had a hand in making it the destination location it is today. Jason’s admirable career path and solid history of paying it forward made Scouts Talent curious to learn more…

If you could try a different job for a day, what would you choose?

Professional baseball player: the adrenalin rush of 40,000 people cheering for hitting that home run. That’s hard to duplicate in the office environment.

What advice would you give someone starting out in your industry?

Continue to learn how to do new things. What brought you success in the past, may not work in the future. Be willing to adapt.

What is your mantra?

You can’t be a good CFO and make improvements until you thoroughly understand operations and how they drive performance.

How do you get yourself out of a slump?

I hit the gym/basement every morning before work to energize me for whatever comes my way.

What companies or leaders do you admire?

Companies and leaders that are highly successful while also doing things the ethical way. Having a leader who can convince you to work with them, not for them to achieve results is also admirable.

What has been the biggest shift you’ve noticed in your industry in the last decade?

How we market and sell things is completely different than the last decade. E-commerce sales have increased dramatically, but there are still lots of ways to be successful with brick-and-mortar stores if you do it right.

Have there been any silver-linings for your business as a result of COVID?

COVID has forced us to be more innovative on how we perform our service delivery model and is now allowing us to serve more people using technology.

Who has been most instrumental in your career?

My father. He was a successful CEO who gave me my work ethic, but also taught me how to slow down at times and enjoy the other things in life.

What is your go-to celebration meal, drink or tradition?

Chips and salsa and an ice-cold beer with friends and family are always a good go-to for me.


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