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Inspired by the career paths and successes of leaders in our community, these interviews catch a glimpse of what makes these innovators and finance leaders tick.

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Judy WrightCFO of BTM Global

Judy Wright, CFO of BTM Global, has had an interesting career path. Starting with her accounting career in China, she moved to the U.S. and started her education over for U.S. credentials. Since then, Judy has taken on accounting leadership roles in a variety

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Chris BernanderCFO of Park Dental

Chris Bernander, CFO of Park Dental, has been applying his background in technology and professional services to the healthcare industry and having great success. Park Dental is the largest Minnesota-based provider of business support to nearly 90 dental practices and is a complex system

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Shayne WilwertCFO of All Energy Solar

Shayne Wilwert has a track record of forging new paths in her career, and as the first CFO at All Energy Solar, she has already made an impact. Leading in a high-growth industry is a challenge, but Shayne was ready for it and has

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Matt HerbstCFO of eCapital Advisors

For Matt Herbst, CFO of eCapital Advisors, data analytics and growing revenue have been the common threads throughout his career. From his early days at Best Buy and OptumInsight, to leadership roles in several SaaS companies, growth is a common denominator. Matt is known

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Todd WattersonCOO of Asset Finance at Huntington National Bank

Todd Watterson, Huntington National Bank’s COO of Asset Finance, brings a lot more to the table than we can cover in 5 minutes. Todd has interesting experiences and insights gleaned from a career of leadership roles at well-respected corporations including GE, Starkey, TCF, and

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John RimstadCFO of Shelter Corp.

John Rimstad, CFO of Shelter Corp., has had a career that reflects his ability to work with a visionary, take a plan, execute strategy, and bring it to life. He has successfully telescoped from mid-size organizations to a huge complex corporate setting, then back

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Lynn BlakeCFO of Nuwellis, Inc.

Lynn Blake, CFO at Nuwellis, has built an impressive career that has spanned from start-ups to Fortune 500’s. She has led teams through IPO’s, acquisitions, and restructuring in a variety of industries including manufacturing, med device, marketing, and consulting. Lynn’s international leadership experience in

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Robert DotyCFO Science Museum of Minnesota

The impact of Robert Doty’s career is impressive and broad: SVP & CFO of Dunwoody College, CFO & COO of Minneapolis Public Schools, Executive Director of the MN State Lottery, Commissioner of the MN Department of Revenue and now, his current role as the

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Karen McGowanCFO QualiTech

Karen McGowan, CFO at QualiTech, is known for her leadership, fairness, and strong work ethic. Throughout her career, Karen has encountered complex situations and has been able to quickly determine solutions and strategize. Her honest and transparent approach is appreciated and is unflappable under

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