Consulting means your talent is portable. Shouldn’t your benefits be portable too?

Portable Benefits™ give you the freedom to take the best roles for you, not just the roles where your benefits are attached.

Many consulting agencies’ benefit plans block you from great engagements and make you beholden to them – it’s painful to change medical insurance and you may lose accrued vacation when you switch firms to accept a plum role.

To afford you the flexibility you need in your career, we include the cost of benefits in your hourly rate. This approach to total compensation keeps you nimble and doesn’t burden you with costs for benefits you don’t need or can’t use.

While working with Scouts Talent, your benefit cost is built in. When you wrap up a project our goal is to keep you engaged with your next challenging role. It’s always a matter of timing and if it doesn’t come together and you take a project through another avenue, your benefits stay intact.

Here is an example of how Portable Benefits will affect your hourly rate:

We have a spreadsheet to calculate the cost of vacation and holiday pay for you, but here are some examples:

Below are average rates of Health Insurance plans currently available on MNSure. Let’s talk about how we can offset these costs and get you the coverage you need.

In this scenario, a consultant’s hourly pay-rate of $75 would become:

$75 (base rate)
+ $4.47 (health insurance)
+ $2.88 (vacation)
+ $1.73 (holiday pay)
= $84.08 hourly rate

A core belief at Scouts Talent is that we are fair to our consultants and our clients. Our approach to total compensation mirrors this value by offering you only the benefits that you need.


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