Consultants Decline Most Perm Offers

We recently shared that consultants are offered a permanent position while on a project with a client almost 70% of the time, but those offers are only rarely accepted. Below consultants share some of the top reasons why they turned down the offer to transition to a permanent role within a client company. These stats unpack the reasoning and motivation for why consultants are content to stay in their lane in this tight market…

What we are hearing from you…

  • “I’m flattered to have a client offer me a perm role, but being a consultant I like the variety of project work.”
  • “I’ve turned down offers because I’ve felt over-qualified for the role. As a consultant, I may have more skills than needed on a specific role and don’t want to commit long term.”
  • “I can make more money as a consultant.”
  • “There’s a large number of current employees working overtime right now. I prefer getting paid for the actual hours put in.”

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