Blake Hastings, Managing Director CBRE

Blake Hastings, Managing Director CBRE

It’s hard not to be impressed by Blake’s career in commercial real estate. Blake has an award-winning, nationally recognized path of successes leading to his current role as Managing Director of CBRE. When you add to that, his passion for helping others and community involvement, you realize whatever Blake is devoted to he doubles down to hit it over the fence. All of this made Scouts Talent curious to learn more…

If you could try a different job for a day, what would you choose?

Head Basketball Coach at Villanova. Nova is my alma mater and I am huge college basketball fan, so this would be a dream.

What advice would you give someone starting out in your industry?

Hard work can overcome any other positive attribute.

What is your mantra?

Culture. If we have a collaborative culture, business success will follow.

How do you get yourself out of a slump?

A long workout clears my head and gets me thinking straight.

What companies or leaders do you admire?

I’ve had the privilege to work for great leaders within CBRE. I have been lucky to spend time and learn from two in particular, Chris Connelly (President of CBRE West Coast) and Jack Durburg (CEO, CBRE Americas). They lead by example and spend the necessary time to help their employees be successful.

What has been the biggest shift you’ve noticed in your industry in the last decade?

Outsourcing from our corporate clients. Large users of real estate are looking more and more to outsource their real estate functions to companies like ours, including transactions, facilities managements and project management, amongst other services.

Who has been most instrumental in your career?

My father and father-in-law. They have given me an example how to strive to be a great leader.

What is your go-to celebration meal, drink or tradition?

Being from Oklahoma, I like to grill my own steak with my wife and four children.


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