Ample Opportunities

Job seekers and consultants are enjoying the benefits of the tight recruiting market in terms of numbers of opportunities available and a faster interview process. We have heard consistent trends from our clients and candidates…

What we are hearing from you…

  • “I’m finding more clients are willing to accept part-time hours.”
  • “Although I haven’t been consulting for a long time, I’m surprised at the length of engagements. I’m hearing about 6 month+ projects.”
  • “I get a lot of spam calls (recruiters I don’t know or even calling without much information about what they are calling about). They just go with the script given like they are paid per phone call.”
  • “I think we’re headed for a fractional workforce! Many small businesses were wiped out from COVID. However, many are also starting up, and younger generations value time/freedom more than money, so they’re willing to outsource so they can focus on what they’re passionate about.”

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