Katy Gagne

Katy Gagne

Business Development Director

Katy has over 20 years of experience in corporate finance roles, leading organizational success through FP&A development, M&A transactions, financial systems implementation & project management, and sales operations. She has sat in both the seat of the hiring manager, the consultant, and now as the link that brings the two together!

Katy has seen success because of her drive to understand and accelerate an organization’s growth model, whether it be financial, or mission based. She takes the time to understand the leadership’s direction and has an innate ability to bring the puzzle pieces together for success.

In her spare time, Katy is an avid yogi, enjoys hiking (CA and AZ mountains…nothing serious or more than a day’s worth!), providing hospice to dogs that are no longer able to be cared for in their primary home, and raising three strong teenage daughters!


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